Finally Got GCJ 3.4 Working Under MingW

Ranjit Mathew
Mon May 12 09:57:00 GMT 2003

> >So far, this problem has chewed up and spit out both Lars and me...
>...but I fought back and ate this problem alive. It was one of the
>most gruesome, hideous debugging experiences I've had.

But don't you feel great after finally conquering it? :-)

I would be very interested in knowing how you managed to narrow
it down to these!

>+  return !!GetHandleInformation (h, &dwFlags);

Why are you using double negation here? BTW, GetHandleInformation( ) is
not supported on Win9x/ME, so we have to find a better way. I guess
it's OK to live without supporting (for the moment) console handles on
systems below Win2K/XP than not to support Win9x/ME at all.

The rest of the code that you have replaced seems to be there *as is*
in 3.3 as well, so why should it be causing problems in 3.4? Something
else is hosed up badly in 3.4...

I'm sorry I'm not taking 3.4 up at this stage, but just hang on in there
a while longer please.


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