Old Java PRs

Dara Hazeghi dhazeghi@yahoo.com
Mon May 12 07:40:00 GMT 2003


I'm trying to find out the status on the large of number of old java 
PRs in GNATs on which there have been no updates since the pre gcc 3.2 
days. I sent a number of messages to individuals (usually the submitter 
of the PR), but unfortunately, it looks like the e-mail addresses 
listed for a number of them are incorrect (Alexander Petit-Bianco and 
Bryce Mckinlay), so I'm wondering who I should attempt to contact to 
find out about the status on these bugs? Thanks,


P.S. The list of bugs in question is quite long, but here are the 
oldest ones:

Java/1111	Order matters for inline candidates
Java/1202	jvgenmain should support -ms and -mx options
Java/1262	Method with default access can be overridden in another 
Java/1305	GCJ ignores volatile modifier
Java/1308	It would be nice if gcj -d worked for object files.
Java/1330	Forward initializer references not checked
Java/1333	private field access modifier not implemented correctly
Java/1348	Overloaded method resolution should not cross contexts
Java/1357	no result execution with W98 and last Cygwin tools
Java/1373	recursion stress test causes segmentation fault
Java/1432	jc1 doesn't seem to be able to compile from stdin anymore.
Java/1812	zextract.c cleanup
Java/2279	Verify bytecode after creating it
Java/2370	Behavior of main compilation without --main is unfriendly
Java/2499	Class members should be inherited from implemented interfaces

Also, if somebody could take a peek at these, it looks like they may be 
Java/1378	Only one result with Helloworld program under cygwin and W98
Java/1455	gcjh barfs on legal java name usage
Java/3695	Verification error building OpenORB-1.1.0

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