and properties

Brian Jones
Sun May 11 15:12:00 GMT 2003

"Ranjit Mathew" <> writes:

> > The above from Sun looks stupid.  At what point is it useful to allow
> > programmer's to modify tmpdir at runtime but not let that change the
> > way createTempFile works?  I guess we can be bug compatible here, but
> > we may need a that works better.
> BTW, I should note that the output is unchanged if I use
> System.setProperty( ) instead of put( ).
> Similarly, 'new File( ".").listFiles( )' is unaffected by
> any value I set for "user.dir".

Yes, you have to use JNI to actually modify the CWD under Java.  I
think because some system some where that has a file system doesn't
necessarily have a CWD concept.  Annoys you when you really would like
to do this.

Brian Jones <>

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