gcj and jikes

bormisoft@digitizeit.de bormisoft@digitizeit.de
Tue May 6 18:20:00 GMT 2003

Happy, I wasn't completly of course with this suggestion.

I have looked it up on eclipse org:

>JDT Core is the Java infrastructure of the Java IDE. It includes: 
>An incremental Java compiler. Implemented as an Eclipse builder, it
is based on a JCK1.3a compliant compiler evolved from VAJ compilers.
In particular, it allows to run and debug code which still contains
unresolved errors. 

here is a link:

Maybe one added problem could be, that the compiler (at least within
eclipse) seems to work on a per method basis (which I consider one of
eclipses best features btw.). But since it's possible to export
classfiles from eclipse and import java it must be usable as a normal
compiler somehow.


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