gcj and jikes

bormisoft@digitizeit.de bormisoft@digitizeit.de
Tue May 6 15:27:00 GMT 2003


I'm just occasionally following this list and read the thread about
integrating jikes. As far as I understand one of the main reasons for
integrating jikes is to be able to support generics.

Has anybody thought of using the internal eclipse compiler? I
remember reading somewhere, that they already have preliminary
generics support. Even if it doesn't it definatly will have generics
at some later point. And with all the support behind eclipse it will
probably be maintained in the foreseeable future.  
However this will probably also involve some licensing issues.

I don't know anything about technical details and didn't look into
the source of gcj, jikes or eclipse, so forgive me,if this is a
completly stupid post. Just wanted to throw this into the discussion.


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