GCJ 3.4 + MingW = Trouble

Mohan Embar gnustuff@thisiscool.com
Tue May 6 15:25:00 GMT 2003


>I did a 3.4 cross compiler for mingw (linux hosted) 3 weeks ago.
>I used the mingw patches posted by Mohan + some additional hacks to make
>it work. 

I'd be interested in seeing how you fare with the current CVS 3.4 sources.
If you do a get, be sure to save your original sources as they might be
handy for tracking down the cause of the problem.

>It successfully compiles my apps, but there seems to be several issues,
>ServerSocket didn't work properly for me.

I'm not too surprised about this. Michael: don't forget that the Win32
net stuff is probably messed up right now because of the split. But we
can't clean this up until we can build.

I'll do a fresh CVS get today and try the cross compiler again. Lars,
could you detail your hacks more? I'll also put the sources on my website
sometime soon. Sorry, Ranjit.

-- Mohan

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