GCJ 3.4 + MingW = Trouble

Mohan Embar gnustuff@thisiscool.com
Tue May 6 11:29:00 GMT 2003

Hi Ranjit,

>I will, once the weekly snapshots switch over to the 3.4 

If you want me to do a fresh CVS 3.4 get and put it somewhere
where you can download it, let me know.

>(And once I finish "Golden Sun" on my GameBoy
>Advance. ~sheepish grin~)

You mean you're relaxing and having fun?!

>In general, you can expect the 3.4 code to be a bit 
>unstable, and perhaps broken, compared to 3.3 because this
>is where people are trying out their new and cool stuff.

What?! I fully expected this to be production-ready.
Am I the only one not slacking off around here?

>BTW, do you see any improvements (or otherwise) in build times?

It looks like most of the main configury is done during the
build now. Other than that, some genius submitted this cool
patch that lets you compile all source files at once:


...but it hasn't been reviewed or committed yet. As with
the cross configury patch, I keep hitting [Refresh]
on my browser hoping for feedback, then peering out the window
to look for flying pigs, wondering which will come first....

(Can you tell it's late at night and I'm sleep-deprived?)

>This is because methods marked "inline" are not really inlined
>on MinGW until compiled with -O2 - on Linux, they are emitted as
>weak symbols and therefore do not result in such errors with the

Thanks for the tip. Is there any combination of flags that
can let me debug gcj under MingW gdb? -g2 -O2?

-- Mohan

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