SV: SV: Adding another configuration feature to libjava forarm-elfmetal configurations

Øyvind Harboe
Thu May 1 17:41:00 GMT 2003

>Maybe a better idea than a fork would be some scripts that walk over
>the sources making modifications.  We would then have some sort of
>stylized comments that indicate where the exclusions are made.  It
>would then be a drudge job to go over the sources adding the marks.

That sounds an awful lot like #ifdefs, though #ifdefs don't exist in Java
(strange, I thought I'd miss them :-)

Is there a place to register ideas/suggestions for such a project?

Here is one:

It might be useful to support 16 bit chars, but compiling the libgcj 
in metal mode for 8/16 bit would be more than flexible enough. 
Conversion between charsets should be considered out of scope.


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