VerifierError with gcc trunk and ant 1.5.2

Tom Tromey
Wed Mar 5 17:20:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Koch <> writes:

Michael> The VerifierError is very easily reproducable.
Michael> Download ant 1.5.2 sources from

I'd like to look at this but I have a lot going on right at the

Does this error come from gcj or from gij?
Can you send the text of the error?

That might tell me whether or not it is a known bug.

I've been looking into fixing the gcj verifier problems recently.  See
the main list for details; I've been hoping to fix them by putting the
libgcj verifier into the gcj front end.  Unfortunately it is hard to
say when I'll be able to finish this work.  Almost certainly not for
3.3 :-(


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