There's something i'm confused about.

Andrew Haley
Wed Mar 5 11:28:00 GMT 2003

Julia Smith writes:
 > I'm wondering if this is truly so? I use "ar" all the time, with gcj-, gcc-,
 > and even produced .o files; and it works, no sweat, both on minGW as
 > on linux. What options did you use with "ar" and what files were you trying
 > to join in an archive?
 > well, if I type
 > gcj -c and it produces a .o 
 > file reports its ELF 32 relocatable unstripped.
 > then i try
 > ar qv myarchivename.a someclass.o
 > and it bitches about unknown object format. the archive is a non existing file.

ar is a geneal purpose arhciver.  It should take any kind of file.

It sounds like the ar you are trying to use is broken.


P.S.  Please fix your quoting.

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