There's something i'm confused about.

Julia Smith
Wed Mar 5 00:37:00 GMT 2003

Hrm. Well, I'm using Mandrake linux, perhaps this is the source of the difference.

As mentioned before, prepending -X32_64 gets ar to accept .o's. The option isn't explained in the man pages and the -help line says its an ignored option. Go figure. <=)

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>>>>> $ gcj  -o tester -c
>>>>> $ ar qv test.a tester
>>>>> a - tester

>>>>> ar: supported targets: elf32-i386 a.out-i386-linux efi-app-ia32
>>>>> elf64-x86-64 elf64-little elf64-big elf32-little elf32-big srec
>>>>> symbolsrec tekhex binary ihex trad-core

I did it with:

ar -cr test test.a

and it works fine. I'm using release candidate 3.3 though; but it could be
related to the options you use with "ar".

I've used "ar" with 3.2 on minGW, 3.2 on linux, 3.3 on minGW, and now 3.3 on
linux. And it all works.

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