There's something i'm confused about.

Julia Smith
Tue Mar 4 22:57:00 GMT 2003

Yeh, that's really helpful. Put docs about what you can do in utilities other than the one you're using. =/

"Its the same with all gcc compilers". Well the option is but _not_ the documentation.

In GCC -X is documented.

Why would anyone assume that necessarily the front end would work the same? Or know to scrounge around?

There was a time when Unix utilities actually had documentation that was in the right place....

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>>>>> The "-Xlinker --start-group ... --end-group" did the trick in my case.
>>>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>>>> Fine. Its not documented. I am using gcj 3.2.2.
>>>>> There is no information on these options in the man pages. Does this
option work for jar files?

It is documented, but in the "ld" documentation. "-Xlinker" is a way to pass
arguments on to the linker. This is the same for all compilers in the GCC

All arguments that you can pass on to the linker, are documented in the "ld"
documentation. Mutatis mutandis, there is an argument that instructs GCJ to
pass options to the assembler. These are not documented in the GCJ
documentation, but in the ... Yes, right :).

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