Want to help integrating swing. Is already someone working on it?

Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.com
Tue Mar 4 16:55:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Clemens" == Clemens Eisserer <Linuxhippy@web.de> writes:

Clemens> Is there already any Swing-Code? Whats about Java2d on AWT?

There is a small amount of Swing code but it doesn't do anything
useful (as far as I know).

There is some Java2d code, but, again, not much.

Clemens> After all, I decided that I want to help implement SWING. I'm
Clemens> not a really good coder, but I know how swing is built and
Clemens> how it works.

Cool.  Note that if you've looked at the Sun sources, then
unfortunately you can't help :-( (thought I'd point that out in
advance...).  Other than that we'd love to have your help.

If you want to get into serious programming on the library you'll need
a copyright form filed with the FSF.  I can get you started on this if
you like.

Clemens> Is there already a team building Swing or how complete is the
Clemens> implementation. Will it be merged with gnu-classpth? what are
Clemens> the current plans? Will it also be lighweight (i think
Clemens> another way to be api-compatible is not possible).  Who is
Clemens> also working on this topic?

As far as I know, nobody else is working on Swing.  This will
definitely be merged 100% with Classpath, and in fact I'd recommend
writing the code in the Classpath tree to begin with.


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