Want to help integrating swing. Is already someone working on it?

Dhek Bhun Kho bhun@chello.nl
Tue Mar 4 15:44:00 GMT 2003

> O.K.  I´ll keep it shorter now. Wrote the whole mail and then IE5.0
Good idea :D

>  crashed. My friend has no Mozilla ;-((
Download it!! Mozzie everywhere!

> As far as I know the AWT-Classes integrated in GCJ are almost complete
> and based on GTK.
But they are of no use to us then, except for the toplevel containers..
I will look at the java-gtk api at the end of the week.

> it will work in the 3.3-release. But at this list many peolpe said
> that it should work.
Uhuh. Trouble is that I just checked out CVS for the first time since
weeks and make seems to be recursing infinitely and takes about 17 GB(!)
of space, I noticed because it ld exited with an error that there was no
space left.

> Java2d should be very complete in this library and they also start
> coding swing.
I checked it from cvs too. So much too read..

> working together with GNU-Classpath, making theyr current
> implementation (which is very poor but existing) compatible with the
> AWT of GCJ.
Have you tried it? I haven't. (Couldn't get it work with less than a
half hour)

> Hmmm, I think first we should have a look at GCJ3.3 and should try
> AWT/Java2d with this.
I'll recheck the 3.3 release out and try to compile it.

> The second point is to look at GNU-Classpath, how compatible the two
> classpaths are.
I must be insane to even try doing this, but I will. 

Going back to work now, I'll check out if I can get both classpath and
gcj conjure up a JFrame (I didn't even get that far last time I tried)


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