Want to help integrating swing. Is already someone working on it?

Dhek Bhun Kho bhun@chello.nl
Tue Mar 4 11:37:00 GMT 2003

Hey Clemens!

> Is there already any Swing-Code? Whats about Java2d on AWT?

Don't think so, i looked around CVS, there is code, but it isn't

> I've searched a very long time to find the perfect swing-replacement, but there is none.

> It would be a big step for gcj if swing would be working, of course I'm sure thats a lot of work.

Sure that's true, but there's still SWT lying around. The problem is
that SWT uses yet another API to do things. (How many API's do we

I saw on www.eclipse.org that they built SWT on top of awt using
gtk/gtk2 peers (or motif). Thus I was thinking (I am still looking for
something to work on in Classpath) is it legal to build Swing op top

Anybody know this??

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