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Michael Koch
Fri Feb 28 10:18:00 GMT 2003

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Am Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2003 17:25 schrieb Tom Tromey:
> >>>>> "Michael" == Michael Koch <> writes:
> Michael>
> Michael>
> Michael>
> Michael>
> Michael> They came in via a merge with classpath long time ago. GCJ
> Michael> dont need them. They are only there to make these classes
> Michael> compilable with jikes (in classpath tree).
> Michael> Should we really keep them in the libgcj tree for jikes
> Michael> compatibility or better remove them because we dont need
> them Michael> ?
> Actually the comment says they are there to work around a gcj bug.
> This may be one of those bugs that only shows up if you compile a
> lot of java files with one gcj command.  Though it does look like a
> classic instance of the Miranda method problem, so I'm not entirely
> sure why we wouldn't need this.
> Generally I prefer to keep things merged with Classpath.  That
> makes it simpler to know when we need to import a bug fix or
> whatever.
> OTOH, has already diverged quite a bit.  We're already
> going to have to spend time re-merging.  So if you want to do this,
> it is fine by me.

I'm planing this. Some work is done locally already. Will submit 
patches part by part.

> What I'd really like is a fix for this bug in gcj.

I tried compiling classpath with
  jikes 1.18,
  gcj trunk,
  gcj 3.2.3 20030221 (Debian prerelease).

With jikes and trunk all is okay. With 3.2.3 I got the following 

/usr/bin/gcj-3.2 --bootclasspath '' -classpath 
- -C -d . @classes
Superclass `AttributedCharacterIterator.Attribute' of class 
`java.awt.font.TextAttribute' not found.
   public final class TextAttribute extends 

At least this means the bug is fixed in trunk. I couldnt test with 3.3 

I hope this helps a little bit.

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