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Julia Smith
Wed Feb 26 21:04:00 GMT 2003

Urgh. OK. I will let this thing build on my win2k box and see what happens. Otherwise I'll go for a redhat distro. It should work on any of the linux distro's right? I have mandrake installed on another box.


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>>>>> "Julia" == Julia Smith <> writes:

Julia> Thank you for the speedy reply. I am trying to work with the
Julia> previous release 3.2.2. I scrabbled about for a win2k or linux
Julia> binary but didn't really find any.

There may be pre-built Windows executables available, but I don't
really track that closely enough to say.

Linux builds should be available in all major distributions.  I know
at least Red Hat and Debian include some version of gcj.

My impression is that getting the Windows version built is still not
entirely trivial.  For instance it appears to need some patches which
aren't yet part of the stock gcc.  I'd imagine that eventually this
situation will change.


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