generic type support

Tom Tromey
Mon Feb 24 16:49:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Per" == Per Bothner <> writes:

Per> However, I'm not sure the existing parser is sufficiently broken
Per> that fixing it is a priority.

The parser itself seems ok.  The analysis phases after parsing have
real problems.  The lack of complete documentation on our internal use
of trees is also a problem, since it makes it much harder to
understand certain sorts of bugs.  Yesterday I managed to write a bug
fix I didn't understand...

Another problem I've noticed is that we sometimes need the parser to
give feedback to the lexer.  We already have some code like this to
deal with the most negative integral number.  I think something like
this may also be useful for properly handling @deprecated.  I think a
hand-written parser would make this sort of thing less ugly.


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