mauve test configure file?

Andreas Tobler
Sat Feb 22 20:34:00 GMT 2003


Mark Wielaard wrote:
>>And I didn't cc since it was a first run and I had a 
>>massive swapping happen during the tests. I ran in parallel a bootstrap 
>>and so not all results seem to me reliable. So I guess some timeout are 
>>coming from there.
> Sorry about that. I just wanted to make sure that others on the list
> know about the failing/unanalyzed Mauve failures. (And I am truely happy
> that the first results already look this good, could not resist sharing
> that with others.)

No worry, I feel also happy for a first run. I run now the complete 
testsuite and hopefully it has finished by tomorrow morning. ;)
You never know.

> Yes, if configure detects libiconv then gnu/gcj/convert/ will
> make those en/decoders available to libgcj. You can also use configure
> --with-libiconv-prefix=DIR. If iconv isn't found it will suggest
> "consider installing GNU libiconv".

Heh, I know. I prepared the libiconv to be installed as soon as the test 
finished. Then I rebuild the tree again.

Keep you and the java list informed. The results will be posted, as 
usual since beginning of feb on gcc-results.

BTW, I ran jacks on ppclinux and I only had two failures less than on 
I'm not able to make mauve run now on ppclinux since I need up-to-date 
auto* binaries. Which I don't have. Will look at later if I find some rpms.


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