Bug in bytecode compiler 3.3

Erik Poupaert erik.poupaert@chello.be
Sat Feb 22 11:01:00 GMT 2003

Can anybody try to reproduce this problem on his platform in 3.3  by
compiling the following example to bytecode (-C) while it is located in a
folder with same name as the class name:

package mytest;
public class MyTest
    String errorMsg;
    public void fatalError(ExceptionX e)
        errorMsg = e.toString ();
class ExceptionX extends Exception {}

If it can be confirmed I'll file a trouble ticket for it.

It is really newly introduced in 3.3, because the 3.2 bytecode compiler has
no problem with it. I can probably upgrade to 3.3, but then I need to revert
to for example jikes for bytecode compilation.

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