mauve test configure file?

Mark Wielaard
Sat Feb 22 01:19:00 GMT 2003


On Fri, 2003-02-21 at 22:09, Andreas Tobler wrote:
> I try to get the mauve tests configure and run. Unfortunately I fail.
> Downloaded the snapshot from 18.01.

That is a very old snapshot there have been a lot of new testcases and
fixes since then. Try to get the CVS version if you can.

BTW. Anybody know who/what generates these snapshots?

> Did a symbolic link into 
> testsuite/libjava.mauve/mauve. Then I run
> make check RUNTESTFLAGS='mauve.exp' and fail.

Aha. So that is how you should do it! I always used runtest by hand.
But that seems to work only when setting MAUVEDIR Nice to know. Thanks.

>  Ok have to configure 
> first. But here I fail since I don't have the right library for aclocal.
> aclocal: 42: macro `AM_PROG_GCJ' not found in library
> Could someone please point me to configure/ file I could use?

I have put mine (plus a recent snapshot) here:

> My autoconf is 2.13 and the automake is 1.4 hacked for gcj.

Mine were generated by Autoconf 2.54 and automake 1.6.3.



P.S. See gcc-testresults for my latest results on my powerpc Debian
GNU/Linux box.

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