MACOSX support

Andreas Tobler
Thu Feb 20 10:47:00 GMT 2003

>-- Original Message --
>>I did this in a clean output dir, relaunched the make from scratch and
>>get exactly the same error as before :-(
>Hm, here it passes. But this is due to the fact that in my config.h:/*
>I guess you have it enabled?
>For the moment I don't know why you have it enabled.
>Have to look at.

Oh, I see. You have a more recent version of libdl than I have. In my version
dladdr is not implemented. And so it passes.

You could try to undef the HAVE_DLADDR in include/config.h (java builddir)

But anyway, I guess you found a bug which we have to solve.

I see what I can do.



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