Problems using the GCJ interpreter

Tom Tromey
Wed Feb 19 18:54:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Øyvind" == Øyvind Harboe <> writes:

Øyvind> The idea was that I'd not compile the swt.jar natively,
Øyvind> but just let the interpreter deal with it runtime.
Øyvind> Thought I'd check out what impact that had on performance/size.


Øyvind> C:\thisiscool-gcc\examples\HelloSWT>gcj --main=HelloSWT
Øyvind> --classpath=swt.jar

Right now, having precompiled code refer to interpreted code is
unsupported.  So if you want to compile your application, you'll have
to compile the libraries to which it directly refers.

On the trunk there are some patches to make the `-fno-assume-compiled'
feature work better.  This feature gives better support for this sort
of thing.  However, I think there are still some bugs in this code.
It is something I think we'll probably support in the 3.4 release (or
3.5, or ... -- depending on how much work goes into it).

Longer term (or shorter, depending again on who does how much of what
when :-), we'll use Bryce's -findirect-dispatch approach.  This gives
both easy interpreter/compiled code interoperability and java-style
binary compatibility.  I believe this is less finished than


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