Reprise: Naked Dllmain in boehm-gc

Boehm, Hans
Tue Feb 18 22:09:00 GMT 2003

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> Sent: Monday, February 17, 2003 4:01 PM
> To: Ranjit Mathew
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> Subject: Re: Reprise: Naked Dllmain in boehm-gc
> >>>>> "Ranjit" == Ranjit Mathew <> writes:
> Ranjit> In the new GC release being considered for import, is 
> this function
> Ranjit> escaped by, say, GC_DLL which gets defined only for 
> shared builds?
> I haven't looked yet.
I don't think it is.  In the standalone collector there also used to not be a way to build the multithreaded version except as a dll.  DllMain was necessary for the collector to get notification of new threads.  Those restrictions were gradually eased in the gcj version by assuming more explicit cooperation from new threads.  It looks like this just isn't quite right yet.

> Ranjit> If not, we definitely should as it otherwise breaks 
> the case mentioned
> Ranjit> above as well as "gcj -shared".
> Sounds reasonable to me.  Could you write a patch against current cvs?
> If it is still needed post-import I will check it in, provided Hans
> doesn't object.
Sounds reasonable to me, too.  Thanks.


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