GCC 3.3 MingW Crossed-Native Build Suceeded! (Woo hoo!)

Mohan Embar gnustuff@thisiscool.com
Sun Feb 16 07:19:00 GMT 2003

Hi All,

The GCC 3.3 MingW crossed-native build succeeded! Woo hoo!

(This is a Win32 MingW build of a GCC/GCJ 3.3 snapshot. It is a
GCC/GCJ that runs on Win32 and produces Win32 executables.)

I've placed the built binaries on the web, as well as a couple
of samples (console and SWT), and Getting Started instructions
for your downloading pleasure:


Ranjit> BTW, if you're using 3.3/3.4, this should no longer be necessary for
Ranjit> MinGW as the GCC specs file itself adds -lmingwex. You *are* using the
Ranjit> 3.3 cross-compiler to build the crossed native compiler, right?

I *was* using the cross compiler, but might have gotten messed up because
I didn't apply your configury patch. Or maybe it was something else. I'm still
reeling from all of this and in the end, have a hard time remembering what
little tweaks I did here and there. After I've calmed down and regrouped a bit,
I want to repeat the entire build in a calm, methodical fashion, documenting
and referencing things along the way.

Thanks so much for all of your help, Ranjit. And Tom, Frank, Lars, Erik,
and everyone else who has offered me such generous help and guidance these
past few days. I've learned so incredibly much.

My website is a temporary holding place for this build. I'd like to think that
I can put fresh build snapshots here periodically, but can't make any promises.
If anyone has feedback as to a better place to put this, a more proper way of
doing things, or anything else, please let me know. As I mentioned on my web page,
I want to document and reference things more thoroughly, but just wanted
to get this out there because people have been screaming for it.

The only lingering question I have is that of the whole ECONNREFUSED
business. Is the splitting off of the Win32 network code going to happen
in 3.3? If not, how will we resolve in the short term the fact that
the presence of this constant breaks the build?

Next steps:

- take Ranjit's Process implementation for a spin. Still haven't done this
- maybe fool around with a MingW self-hosted build if I'm feeling
  particularly massochistic


-- Mohan

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