Static linking of C-Libs with CNI possible?

Sat Feb 15 09:31:00 GMT 2003

Thanks for your answers!

>Yes.  We link the our own native code into libgcj.
Thats very, very fine!

Sorry for nerving again, but could you please tell me some places where 
to start with CNI?
I read the Online-Manual  of GCJ, but it only explains how to acess 
Java-Code in C++-
But I want to do it the other way...

I want to write a SDL-CNI Wrapper, so that I can program multi-platform 
MM-Apps in Java. I have to acess C-Code from Java. My oppiniion is, that 
Multiplatform-C-Code is a much better solution that 100% interpreted 
Java, like sun does...

So, could you please tell me where to find good tutorials or some 

Thanks a lot!

Mfg Linuxhippy

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