org.apache.xmlrpc compiles natively!

Erik Poupaert
Thu Feb 13 03:35:00 GMT 2003

>>>> I definitely don't have time to try to debug this problem.
>>>> Could you do it?

I've done it several times now. The hard part is, that I've got a fix that
works, but I don't know exactly why it works. When I simplify the bug to its
essential forms, the bug simply disappears. So, I've got a fix that works,
but in fact for another bug.

Even though it happens in a worker class, it is not starting any threads in
this particular situation, so it is unlikely to be related to threading.

>>>> If not, go ahead and put all this info into a PR.  Include a URL for
>>>> the xmlrpc code.  I'd plan on a long wait though :-(

I'm using a very offstream version of this org.apache.xmlrpc middleware now,
in which I've taken out reflection, because of the bug with "throwing
exceptions across a libffi call"(1), and in which I revert to a handcoded
httpClient, instead of using's one (default GET instead of
POST)(2), along with the incomprehensible bugfix(3). So it all works now
with the 12 dec release candidate on minGW.

(1) is part of the libjava testsuite, and for (2) I've submitted a trouble

I'll start from scratch for 3.3 and verify all the bugs again. Some may
simply have disappeared, and they may also be inter-related.

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