SWT Crash Problem with MingW/GCJ (UPDATED)

Ranjit Mathew rmathew4lists@hotmail.com
Tue Feb 11 15:10:00 GMT 2003

> I'm actually waiting for either a new release candidate for minGW to be
> available for download or else for the minGW version to build natively.

The former will happen only after there's an official MinGW "core"
release (which happens only after there's a GCC release). The latter
might now be possible, but I do not have the inclination or the
patience to try it out, since Linux is a *far more* productive
environment for me. As I have remarked before, Win98 on my puny
PII/450MHz is far too slow and unreliable for a GCC build.

> The procedure that consists of first modifying the patches to match the
> version in CVS, and then cross-compiling from another platform to minGW,
> still beyond me. I haven't spent time with it, because I'd rather spend
> building applications with the compiler and isolate and report problems
> while doing so.

Zigackly! Except that my preference runs the other way round. ;-)
Both of these inclinations are needed since a single person can't
hope to do all of these - we are each doing our part in making
MinGW/GCJ that much more useful and reliable.

> As soon as the minGW version builds natively, however, it will be another
> ball game altogether. I'll be able to work with something more familiar,
> that is, the libjava java sources and in the CNI sources that support it.

I have a suggestion - if someone has the time, the inclination and
the resources, he can take this task (building GCJ natively on MinGW)
up. Let's see how far we get with this - Anthony did it once to
build a libgcj.dll and according to him there were only
"easily overcome" hurdles. If we face any issues, let's see how
we can resolve it. (Just be sure to use the latest MSYS-1.0.9
snapshot as it fixes an important bug that used to randomly crash
spawned shell processes and prefer Win2K/SP2 or WinXP.)

Any takers?


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