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Andreas Tobler
Tue Feb 11 10:33:00 GMT 2003

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> > How do we call the darwin port? Nearly ready? Soon ready?
>Fairly seriously busted, but may survive given some Tender Loving Care.



>Looking at your test results, the interpreter seems to be in the worst
>shape, although CNI looks like it also needs attention.  Fixing libffi
>would move this port into almost full health, I reckon.

Let it say this way, the interpreter was much worse a few weeks ago. I still
try to improve. And to fix libffi where I can.

CNI is 'broken' since the testsuite wants shared objects which we don't
support yet on darwin. If this is addressed I expect a major reduction of
the failures.

Regarding the interpreter, I'm confused since it also bombs in the area
of boehm-gc. And then the Throw_2 does not werk because of the 0 pointer
exception pointed out by Jeff in a recent email.

The FileHandleGcTest is kind of lotto, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

The Thread_Monitor works when I launch it by hand ?

I continue.


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