Possible awt patches

Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.com
Tue Feb 11 00:16:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Hans" == Boehm, Hans <hans_boehm@hp.com> writes:

Hans> I've been trying to get the GUI version of my constructive reals
Hans> calculator to work with gcj.


Hans> If someone can verify that I'm not just covering up other
Hans> problems, I'll be happy to add ChangeLog entries and check them
Hans> in:

They all look reasonable to me.
Note that AWT (the base code and the Gtk peers) is 100% merged, so all
patches have to go in to Classpath as well.  I can take care of this

Hans> 1) setVisible calls didn't seem to invoke the right overridden
Hans> show calls.  The comments seemed to imply that the current code
Hans> was incorrect.

I think I made this change (but failed to remove the comment, bleah)
on the theory that we shouldn't use deprecated methods in our
implementation.  Compatibility is more important.

Hans> 4) Both TextField.getPreferredSize and TextArea.getPreferredSize
Hans> are apparently easily called before peers exist, and they
Hans> basically give up in that case.  I added code to guess instead,
Hans> which gets me further, but is clearly wrong.  Suggestions for a
Hans> real fix would be appreciated.

One thing to try would be to see what the JDK does.

Making a guess doesn't seem so bad to me.  It seems like layout ought
to be recomputed once peers are made.


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