mysql Connector/J

Erik Poupaert
Mon Feb 10 19:04:00 GMT 2003

>>>> Why does the extra code in the jdbc2 classes cause trouble?

Missing classes and missing constants:

java.sql.SavePoint, java.sql.ParameterMetaData, and a bunch of new constants
like java.sql.ResultSet.HOLD_CURSOR_OVER_COMMIT and so on.

They are not defined in the current libgcj.

>>>> In any case, I think that the libgcj java.sql classes conform to the
>>>> JDK 1.3 "spec".  HTH.

Since java.sql are primarily interfaces, and do hardly implement anything
(that's the role of the driver), the new, larger interfaces impose more
requirements to the jdbc driver. The result is that older jdbc drivers are
broken by the new interfaces.

Important to note here, is that upgrading java.sql in libgcj to yet newer
specifications will break the existing, currently working drivers.

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