SWT newbie

Marilen Corciovei marilen.corciovei@nemesisit.ro
Tue Feb 4 21:40:00 GMT 2003


I succeded in building and running a native exe for my swt test app
using Ranjit infos. Thanks a lot.

Still I was wondering if I could build the *.o resulted in a dll. I

gcj -shared -o swtjar.dll *.o
ls -l libswtjar.a

and then 

gcj --classpath=./swt.jar --main=SWTTest SWTTest.java -L. -mwindows

this does not work, first it said some symbols are not defined. I tried
dlltool -> .def and with the --export-all-symbols it works.

Any ideea, thanks


Marilen Corciovei <marilen.corciovei@nemesisit.ro>

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