Why doesn't java.awt.Component enable PAINT_EVENT_MASK by default?

Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.com
Mon Feb 3 21:59:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Gilbertson <scottg@mantatest.com> writes:

Scott> In version 3.2, java.awt.Component.eventMask contained
Scott> AWTEvent.PAINT_EVENT_MASK by default.  In 3.2.1 and the 3.3
Scott> branch, it doesn't.  On my copy of 3.3, I've put it back,
Scott> because otherwise lightweight components which work in the Sun
Scott> JRE don't paint anything with GCJ.  In CVS, I could only find
Scott> the change listed as "AWT/Swing merge from GNU Classpath"
Scott> (revision 1.21) and "Mainline merge as of 2002-08-11 (revision

In cases like this you have to consult the Classpath source.
Not an ideal situation, I know.  Too bad we don't have a more powerful
version control system.

We could copy over the ChangeLog entries, but that seems like an
excessive amount of work.

For Classpath the relevant entry says:

        * java/awt/Component.java: Partial update to 1.4.

Scott> Does anyone know why this mask bit was removed and/or whether
Scott> it would be OK to put it back?

Offhand, I don't.  I suspect the best fix is to enable it by default
for lightweight components only.  Maybe something else is going on..?


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