GCJ and $PREFIX/include revisited

Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.com
Thu Dec 18 17:22:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Gerald" == Gerald Pfeifer <gerald@pfeifer.com> writes:

Gerald> The c++ headers are now nicely versioned, in c++/3.4/, but the java
Gerald> headers still are put directly into $PREFIX.  How about doing something
Gerald> like java/3.4 or gcj/3.4 in parallel to c++?

Gerald> And do we really need ffi.h and jvmpi.h there?

While talking with a couple folks about this on irc, I realized I
don't understand why we don't change the layout a bit to get versioned
headers for everything all at once.

I.e., instead of $(includedir)/c++/$(version), $(includedir)/gcj/$(version),
etc, why not make $(includedir)/$(version)/ as the base, and then
install headers directly under that?

There's a couple benefits to this.  One is that we don't need to add a
new built-in -I option when we move the java heaers.  Another is that
if we ever add another target library, we'll have an understandable
explanation of where to put its header files.


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