Compiling "static" applications with SWT/GTK

Bryce McKinlay
Wed Dec 3 01:11:00 GMT 2003

On Dec 1, 2003, at 5:44 PM, Steve D. Perkins wrote:

>    Dear God I hope not!  That would be beyond silly.  It's quite 
> probable that libgcj will become pervasive on major Linux 
> distributions, but a "libgcj.dll" will NEVER be pervasive on the Win32 
> platform.  This would be GUARANTEEING the need for a DLL installation, 
> creating needless deployment complications.  I'm really not looking 
> forward to having to build by own custom GCJ from source just to get 
> work done.

I don't see how libgcj.dll will complicate deployment that much. 
Windows application development environments (Delphi, VB, Visual C++) 
have required deployment of runtime DLLs for many years, and developers 
have managed just fine. How would libgcj.dll be any different? 
Obviously we need to address the binary compatibility issues, but in 
general, the advantages of using a DLL far outweigh the disadvantages. 
That isn't to say that I don't think we should support static 
compilation, but due to the nature of Java, its difficult to support 
dynamic language features in a way that is both simple (for the 
application developer) and robust.



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