Help for compiling PERFECTLY SPECjbb2000 with gcj

Tony Reix
Wed Aug 27 16:04:00 GMT 2003


I've been able to compile and run the SPECjbb2000 java code with gcj.
But I still have some (small) problems at run time, showing some
incompatibility with Java standards.
I'd like to get some help from a gcj developer to understand what
are the causes of these gcj problems.
Who can help ?

(Since SPECjbb2000 is under license, I CAN'T give the .class or .java files ...).

For people interested with performances, I've found that SPECjbb2000
compiled with gcj 331 (and -O2) seems only 60 % of the Sun JVM 1.4.2
perfs and only 55 % of IBM JVM 140 perfs:
	gcj 331	: 12037  ops/s
	Sun 142 : 19500  ops/s
	IBM 140 : 21700  ops/s
(This is a preliminary and unofficial measure of gcj with SPECjbb2000.)
Done on a 2xia32 (RedHat 9 , 2.4.20-8smp) 1.266 GHz and 512K cache, gcc 3.3.1 .

Running SPECjbb2000 with gcj 331 loaded the machine at 92 % and
the load was well balanced on the 2 CPUs.



Tony Reix

                            Carpe Diem

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