XAWT - verify errors

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy@web.de
Wed Aug 27 09:59:00 GMT 2003

Hi there!

>gij thinks the bytecode in this method is invalid.
>This could be a verifier bug, or it could actually be a bug in the
>bytecode.  I can't say without more information.
So maybe it isnt my fault? As I said, everything works like expected 
(excludes image loading).

>True, but it also isn't easy to write a plain Xlib application.  Take
>a look at the ICCCM or the newer stuff (I think on freedesktop.org) to
>see all the extra junk you have to do.
Of course, I think X-lib bindings are as hard to create than 
GTK-Bindings, just because X is so lowlevel.

>I'm rather more skeptical about that :-)
No, but habe a look at biss-awt. Currently it doesnt run very well on 
the xawt-implementation, but it offers a big set of modern widgets.
Of course, if you want to develop native L&N apps using AWT/GTK your 
application it might run even faster that the 100& lightweight 
But, if I would want to develop such an application I would rather use 
java-gtk or SWT.
 But, I dont want that a flamewar occurs, sorry for nerving.

I´ll a look why Image-loading doent work, write a few bash-build-scripts 
and then I´ll create a first release ;-)

lg Clemens

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