Clemens Eisserer
Mon Aug 25 18:01:00 GMT 2003

Hi and thanks for helping me!

>Native methods in CNI are C++, so they can call other C/C++ code.  If
>you're accessing C code, the headers will have to be C++-safe.
Yes, I´m still having troubles. As far as I understand, I can directly 
use C++-Classes out of java.
The C++-Code compliles quite fine, but when I try to compile the 
java-part gcj cant find the C++-Class.

I dont understand whats wrong, althouhgt I cant imagine how GCJ should 
know how the C++-class looks like.
I attached the files.

>That's what gnu.gcj.RawData is for.
Thanks, thats exactly what I searched for!

Sorry, I know these questions are all really newbie questions. I really 
didnt find such low-level infos ;-(

lg Clemens Eisserer

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