solib: URL patch

Bryce McKinlay
Wed Aug 13 12:03:00 GMT 2003

On Wednesday, Aug 13, 2003, at 13:25 Pacific/Auckland, Tom Tromey wrote:

> I'd like to check in the solib: URL patch, but first I thought I'd
> ask the list, since this is a strange sort of patch, adding somewhat
> unusual functionality under the hood.
> The basic idea of the patch is to add a new kind of URL, "solib:".
> Accessing resources from a URL of this form causes libgcj to dlopen
> the appropriate library and look inside it.  In conjunction with a
> change to URLClassLoader, this makes it very easy to load classes
> from shared libraries in a controlled way.

Cool - but it would be good to have some clues that this functionality 
exists, ie documentation in gcj.texi! I think its important that areas 
where we have functionality that is unique to GCJ get documented, but 
this is something we've sometimes failed to do well at in the past.



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