libgcj has some j2ee classes but not all

Bryce McKinlay
Thu Aug 7 05:34:00 GMT 2003

On Thursday, Aug 7, 2003, at 15:42 Pacific/Auckland, Ryan Boder wrote:

>> Seems more likely the problem lie in having two versions of the same
>> library and telling gcj which one to use is more difficult than with
>> say using CLASSPATH env and a traditional byte code interpreting JVM.
> When you say more difficult, are you implying that it's possible? That 
> would
> definitely solve the problem. If I could tell gjc to use all the 
> classes I
> give as input files instead of the ones in libgcj without causing that
> runtime error, I'd be set.

It currently isn't possible to have two instances of a class with the 
same name, so you'll have to remove the offending classes from either 
your application or from libgcj. This is due to the way GCJ's ABI 
works.  Work is underway on a new ABI that will support this, but it 
probably won't be ready for a while.


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