Natively Compiled Eclipse Snapshot Available

Tom Tromey
Mon Aug 4 20:51:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Fernando" == Fernando Lozano <> writes:

Fernando> Could you clarify on the required configuration for running
Fernando> it (RHL8, RHL9) and which plug-ins are availabe? Can I use
Fernando> this release like normal jre-based ones, install my own
Fernando> plug-ins, etc? Your release is the plataform only, the full
Fernando> SDK, or smething like plataform+JDT or plataform+CDT?

This release is eclipse 2.1 (though due to a merge error the about
box will tell you it is 2.0).  You should be able to use your own
plugins, though we haven't tested this much.  The RPMs were built on
RHL 9.  I don't know if they will work on RHL 8.  It comes with the
platform, the JDT (and PDE), the CDT, and a couple plugins we wrote:
an RPM import/export plugin, and an oprofile plugin.

If you need more info, please join the
list and ask there.


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