CNI changes (Was: Binary Compatibility)

Tom Tromey
Mon Aug 4 04:39:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Anthony" == Anthony Green <> writes:

Anthony> For instance, conforming to the new C++ ABI (padding-wise),
Anthony> and wasn't there talk at some point of requiring explicit GC
Anthony> markers for data?

Requiring root registration is on my wish-list.

Ideally in 3.5 we could come out with an ABI we could support well
into the future.  I'm not sure whether that is completely possible,
but we can try.

There's a minor ABI change we need to make in JNI; see PR 4066.

I think the object layout issue could be solved in 3.4, if someone
wrote a patch.  That isn't a major change, and we never promise binary
compatibility (these days) anyway.  I looked into this once, and my
notes on it say "put a new langhook in stor-layout to skip
finalize_type_size".  I didn't write down my reasoning, but if someone
is interested I can try to explain what I remember of the problem.  I
should probably stick this in a PR.


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