Back Up

Mohan Embar
Sun Aug 3 07:19:00 GMT 2003

Hi Tom,

>Mohan> Also, with my builds, I usually incorporate unreviewed patches
>Mohan> and would wonder about the legitimacy of such builds.
>They are legitimate as long as you follow the GPL, meaning the source
>has to be available (according to the various scenarios outlined).

I guess by "legitimate", I meant "half-bakedness".

>It may be tough to convince the gcc maintainers to let you put up a
>snapshot with unapproved patches.  That's just speculation though; we
>can always ask.

This has been my source of hesitation. I would hesitate to use SF or
gcc contrib as dumping grounds for what could theoretically be my
half-baked whims.

-- Mohan

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