Adding another configuration feature to libjava for arm-elf metal configurations

Øyvind Harboe
Wed Apr 30 16:48:00 GMT 2003

I've been able to compile a CygWin arm-elf toolchain 
and produce my first GCJ compiled Java program. I've also
debugged it from the arm emulator. :-)

Unfortunally, it was ill received by my peers(mainly hardware
guys), because it took 1.5MB. They have chosen
an Atmel 70MHz 2MB flash 256kb ram for the next project.

Currently I'm trying to prune the image size using standard 
configuration features.

If I can get down to ~500k code(which goes into flash) and 
100k RAM(for all variables), I'm going to attempt to reopen the
discussion on whether to use Java in the box. Is this completely
unrealistic, or should I give it a try?

It seems to me that adding some disable-foo configuration 
features might help in this regard. It also seems to be something
that I could attempt, even with limited GCC experience. 

I would have to examine the GCJ executable more carefully to figure out
which pieces that I don't need that take any significant amount of

What prior work should I take into account?

Is this along the lines of what the GCC guys are comfortable with?

Øyvind Harboe

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