java.nio ramblings (was Re: What's Left for MingW 3.3)

Mohan Embar
Fri Apr 25 13:20:00 GMT 2003

Hi Michael,

>> I don't know what they JDK does, but see a possible solution in the
>> context of GCJ:
>> - move to (which doesn't
>> exist yet) and make it (necessarily) public; enhance it to support
>> all the functionality needed for java.nio.channels - create a
>> package-private subclass of called
>> java.nio.channels.ChannelServerSocket (you could also make this a
>> private nested or inner class of ServerSocketChannelImpl) and in
>> its constructor create and delegate to PlainSocketImpl
>> - for the non-ServerSocket-related functions in
>> ServerSocketChannel, delegate directly to the PlainSocketImpl that
>> ChannelServerSocket is holding onto
>> This would solve both of the problems I mentioned.

>Thats a good solution. This implies that we dont support user supplied 
>implementations of SocketImpl and DatagramSocketImpl. I think thats 

When you don't say "don't support user-suppled implementations", do
you mean:

- for the case of constructing an explicit instance of
  using one of its overloaded constructors (let's call this case A)?
- or the ServerSocket returned by java.nio.channels.ServerSocketChannel.socket()
  (case B)?

If you mean case A, I don't see how my solution precludes user-supplied

If you mean case B, the java.nio specification explicitly disallows user-supplied
implementations. See:

("...nor is it possible to specify the SocketImpl object...")

-- Mohan

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