Stacktraces on Cygwin?!

Ranjit Mathew
Fri Apr 25 06:06:00 GMT 2003

> Do stacktraces work on Cygwin (not MingW)? I'm getting mixed messages from
> the lists and don't see how they could possibly work, given that I can't find
> backtrace() anywhere in the Cygwin runtime library headers.

Neither could I. In fact, I haven't heard of recent builds
of GCJ on Cygwin for a long while now - the last known
(to me) Cygwin hacker for GCJ was David Billinghurst.

> I'm trying to test my cross-configury stuff using JNI and stacktraces as a test bed,
> but I am running into a snag. They don't see to work on Cygwin gcj 3.2.3 either,
> but I could be doing something wrong.

IMHO Linux and MinGW target combos should do just fine for 
testing your cross-configury stuff since you at least know 
that JNI and stacktraces work in any case on these targets.


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