Erik Poupaert
Fri Apr 18 23:39:00 GMT 2003

I have to refine my previous question.

When I ldd on a gcj executable on linux, I can typically see the following

(A) The following dependencies are related to my gcj snapshot => /usr/local/gcc/3.3/20030414/lib/ => /usr/local/gcc/3.3/20030414/lib/

(B) The following dependencies are not related to my gcj snapshot:

The dependencies in (B) can happily remain dynamic. It's just a requirement
for the target (deployment) system to have all these libraries in place. I
can live with that.

The dependencies in (A) are only present on my development machine. I cannot
expect users to go and find and then install the exact gcc snapshot in order
to run my application. I also do not want to pollute the user's machine with
libraries which are absolutely specific to my application. No one else is
going to deploy applications and expect that the exact snapshot libraries
are present as for my application! Therefore, I would want to link
libgcc_s.a and libgcj.a statically into the executable's body. The other
dependencies (B) will, for their part, be expected to be present on the
user's machine.

Is there someone who could point me in the direction of how to do this?

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