Is gcj from gcc 3.3 required to build for gcj - SWT integration?

Kevin B. Hendricks
Fri Apr 18 14:57:00 GMT 2003

Hi Chris and Mohan,

Thanks for the hints.  There definitely some sort of confusion with path 

So instead of compiling that one file inside the tree where all of the 
other jave files were compiled successfully, I copied that single file to 
outside the tree and:

gcj -O2 -fPIC -c --classpath=swt.jar

and it compiled with absolutely no complaints.

I then manually copied the object file back into the tree and then created
the with it.

Everything linked and now I have a graphical gcj built "Hello World!"
which actually works.

For the record this is with swt, linux-ppc motif with gcj from gcc 3.2.2



BTW: eclipse is nice but they have hard-coded the entire linux build to be 
x86 everyplace (instead of using the output of uname -m) which made the 
whole build a nightmare of finding and hancking out x86 in the makefiles 
and in source and in the xml files.  What a disaster!).  

The only reason I built eclipse at all was to properly build the swt motif 
libs for use with gcj (unfortunately eclipses native lib build docs stink 
and they makefiles are uniplatform and missing things and what a mess). 

Now ... Finally, java compiled to native with a working gui 

Great work Everyone!

Now if only Sun would see the light and recognize that compiling java to 
native while allowing for interpretative mode operation as well is really 
the best of all worlds.  I really wish Sun would dump its own 
implementation and throw 100% support behind the gcj approach and make it 
their reference platform.  What about it Sun!

Unfortunately, since I have seen and worked with Java source I can not help 
the gcj effort directly but I must say, I am very impressed with how far 
you have come.




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