Build-Breaking MingW 3.3 Stuff

Mohan Embar
Fri Apr 18 03:47:00 GMT 2003

Hi Tom,

>For 3.3, not hugely.  Initially we didn't apply the trunk changes to
>3.3 as they are pretty large.  Maybe they're less risky now.

>This is just part of the backlog I haven't dealt with.

>I don't think we will support java.nio in 3.3.  It isn't finished

Does your backlog affect the 3.3 release date? If so, would
this be an argument in favor of moving the trunk changes to
3.3? If the trunk changes were moved into 3.3, they would
probably break the Win32 3.3 build, but then maybe people like
Ranjit, me and whomever else could have a feeding frenzy
and fix this stuff up.

If you don't support java.nio in 3.3 will that mean that you will
rip it out? If by not supporting it, you mean keeping it in, but
covering your ears if anyone whines about it, I don't think
that would necessarily be a bad thing because simple java.nio
stuff seems to work (on Linux at least, and I could make it work
on Win32 if you let me) and it would give people a taste of it.
It all depends on how perfect this stuff has to be in your eyes.

Also, if your backlog means more time, maybe I could talk
you into the cross-configury changes. (I am still in a massive
testing phase.) Do you take PayPal?

(Oh, and while I'm at it: here's an excellent idea on how the FSF/GCC
people could raise more money: with each PR on the web interface,
have an extra button that allows people to donate money to it via
PayPal, then fix the ones in descending order of the donation amount.
Or else, put PRs up for auction on EBay.... :) )

-- Mohan

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