FileDescriptor proposal

Jeroen Frijters
Thu Apr 17 15:49:00 GMT 2003

Anthony Green wrote:
> The upside of this change is that Classpath/libgcj will be 
> able to support a wider variety of systems.  The only 
> alternative for some of these systems right now is to provide 
> their own version of FileDescriptor and related classes 
> instead of using Classpath/libgcj's (IKVM and jx are two 
> systems I know of that do this today).

I don't really see the downside to providing my own version of
FileDescriptor. Since its public API is so very tiny (and unlikely to
change), I don't think the complexity of your proposal is compensated by
the advantage of using the standard Classpath FileDescriptor.

(author of http://IKVM.NET)

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